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Nitrid Sp z o.o. is an exclusive representative of the German company Henze BNP AG. Henze’s choice for our partner was primarily determined by the quality of products, innovation and continuous development. We’ve been cooperating since 2010.

Acting in accordance with the idea “Your ambition is our motivation”, we make technological processes in which we apply our Boron Nitride, become more efficient, economical and ecological.

Our German partner can boast of more than 23 years of experience in the production of hexagonal Boron Nitride and is a leading specialist in this industry on a global scale. The company is developing very dynamically and since 2014 has a completely new production facility with an area of ​​2’500 m2. Thanks to the R & D department together with the technologically advanced laboratory and top-class specialists, innovative products are created for an ever-widening range of industrial applications.

All our powders, suspensions, sprays, dispersions and precisely made ceramic sinters are made of boron nitride and are usually used as lubricants, release agents, release coatings, fillers as well as components for high temperature applications. The various industry sectors include: Aluminum Extrusion, Casting Technology, High Temperature Furnaces, Polymer Engineering, Plasma and PVD Systems, Sintering and Powder Metallurgy, Solar and Photovoltaic Engineering, Welding and Brazing, Forming and Shaping of Metals, Thermal Treatment of Glass and many more.

Extensive knowledge of our team of specialists, covering a wide range of industry sectors, enables quick selection of innovative and reliable solutions for specific customer requirements.

We have been certified DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years and we continue to develop the optimization of both customer service and production processes. Thanks to the stationary warehouse, we provide permanent logistics facilities and fast delivery of goods to our clients.

In 2017 we established the cooperation with the Italian company Eredi Scabini.

Eredi Scabini has been on the market since 1945 and specializes in advanced refractory solutions based on both monolithics and preformed shapes. All products are based on the company’s proprietary formulae.

Pioneer producer of monolithic refractories, for over 40 years Eredi Scabini has designed and manufactured preformed shapes up to 15 tons in its factories specifically designed for this production.

Eredi Scabini is renowned for its ability to offer customized solutions for specific needs, ensuring in all cases a ‘turnkey’ service, starting from the analysis of the request, through to the various phases of design, production, installation and complementing with a first-class after-sales service.

Responsive to the evolving market and with a clear orientation towards new technologies, in the last few years Eredi Scabini’s research has been mainly focused on nanotechnology and the application of its basic principles in the refractory sector. With NANOPLAST® Eredi Scabini is proud to introduce the ultimate generation of refractory products with features that write new chapters in the history of refractory materials!

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