Aluminum Extrusion

During the extrusion pressing process, aluminum billets are converted under high pressure at temperatures in the region of 450 °C into a variety of profiles. Such operating temperatures present unique challenges, in particular the tendency of aluminum to adhere to the press block as well as other working surfaces. In addition, most release agents and lubricants decompose under such conditions, reducing their effectiveness. By substituting Henze products in place of the traditionally used lubricants it is possible to eliminate the surface defects, which would otherwise arise.

The result is an optimized release and lubricating performance, also at high temperatures.

Electrostatically charged HeBoFill® boron nitride can be sprayed as a dry powder, and can be easily incorporated into existing production processes. HeBoCoat® boron nitride liquid suspensions can also be supplied for certain applications.

Henze boron nitride products are particularly suitable for:

  • lubricating and coating of press dummy blocks
  • coating of running die and tool surfaces
  • lubrication of press shears
  • lubrication of container seals/li>

Our product recommendations for aluminum extrusion applications:

HeBoFill® extrusion

HeBoFill® extrusion is the latest Boron Nitride powder from Henze, developed specifically for the

HeBoCoat® Wax Stick

HeBoCoat® Wax Sticks are lubricant sticks with a wax substrate

HeBoCoat® PL-W 130

HeBoCoat® PL-W 130 is a water-based boron nitride coating of median viscosity

HeBoCoat® SL-E 200

HeBoCoat® SL-E 200 is a boron nitride coating in an easy-to-use aerosol can.

HeBoCoat® PL-E 200

HeBoCoat® PL-E 200 is a boron nitride coating in an ethanol base, with the addition of organic

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