Metal Forming and Shaping

Boron nitride coatings and boron nitride powder are effective release agents and lubricants for metal forming processes such as extrusion, rolling and pressing.

When used as a high temperature lubricant, the special properties of boron nitride ensure that HeBoCoat® and HeBoFill® products prevent carburization, overloads leading to tripping out of equipment, as well as contamination and are also effective in preventing surface scale. HeBoCoat® and HeBoFil are non-toxic and ecologically safe.

In contrast to soot and graphite boron nitride powder is electrically insulating and can be electrostatically charged and efficiently applied onto a wide variety of surfaces. HeBoFill® boron nitride powders can also be used as a solid lubricant additive to oils and greases.

HeBoCoat® boron nitride release agents and lubricants are widely used in metal forming and shaping applications. Large areas can be efficiently coated by spraying, brush painting or dipping. Small areas can be coated by means of an aerosol spray.

Our product recommendations for metal forming and shaping applications:

HeBoLub® O30

HeBoLub® O30 incorporates fine hexagonal Boron Nitride particles in a high-quality base oil to result in a unique lubricant additive:

HeBoCoat® PL-W 130

HeBoCoat® PL-W 130 is a water-based boron nitride coating of median viscosity

HeBoLub® O10

HeBoLub® O10 incorporates fine hexagonal Boron Nitride particles in a high-quality base oil

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