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Eredi Scabini has been on the market since 1945 and specializes in advanced refractory solutions based on both monolithics and preformed shapes. All products are based on the company’s proprietary formulae.

Pioneer producer of monolithic refractories, for over 40 years Eredi Scabini has designed and manufactured preformed shapes up to 15 tons in its factories specifically designed for this production.

Eredi Scabini is renowned for its ability to offer customized solutions for specific needs, ensuring in all cases a ‘turnkey’ service, starting from the analysis of the request, through to the various phases of design, production, installation and complementing with a first-class after-sales service.

Responsive to the evolving market and with a clear orientation towards new technologies, in the last few years Eredi Scabini’s research has been mainly focused on nanotechnology and the application of its basic principles in the refractory sector. With NANOPLAST® Eredi Scabini is proud to introduce the ultimate generation of refractory products with features that write new chapters in the history of refractory materials!




Very high-quality, monolithic refractories have been developed and successfully proposed from the date the Company was founded.

Today, the product range includes hundreds of different formulations which can be used to execute dense and insulating refractory linings using a variety of installation procedures. They vary from conventional refractory products to the most innovative ones based on nanotechnology.

The Company also boasts a complete range of products specifically designed to be implemented in industrial floorings subjected to high mechanical and chemical stresses at high temperatures.

The R&D department is committed to constantly update and develop its products to always guarantee the highest possible quality standard.


Preformed shapes

Eredi Scabini has always believed in the development of preformed shapes. Today this belief is confirmed by the market that demands high-quality and large size preformed pieces to reduce maintenance operations, increase performance and reduce downtimes. The capacity to produce preformed pieces weighing up to 15 tons positions Eredi Scabini among the undisputed world leaders of this market sector. The Company also manufactures ceramic matrix composites that are used to replace standard refractories and high-alloy castings in the most severe applications. The production process is carried out in a totally controlled environment that reproduces the ideal conditions of a laboratory, on an industrial scale. After the shaping stage, the pieces are cured, dried and fired in specific furnaces and only packed for dispatch after successfully passing a stringent quality inspection.


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