HeBoCoat® Boron Nitride Coating

The HeBoCoat® trade name represents a range of liquid boron nitride products which are used as coatings in high temperature applications. These products excel in their ease of, and safety in use, optimum coating formation, and surface adhesion. A range of ready-to-use viscosities are available to cover most applications, such as lubrication, release action, sliding motion and surface protection.

Any HeBoCoat® Boron Nitride suspension and spray identified by a “W” (e.g. HeBoCoat®10W) are water based, whilst those identified by an “E” (e.g. HeBoCoat® 20E) are ethanol based. A variety of binders are available to suit most applications.

Henze BNP HeBoCoat® coatings offer a number of clear advantages, which include their oxidation resistance to 900 °C in air and up to 2000 °C in inert conditions. We adjust the HeBoFill® boron nitride powders used in our HeBoCoat® coating products to suit the requirements of specific applications. Experience has shown that the crystallinity of the Boron Nitride powder, the binders, and dispersants used, as well as the achieved solids, content each have an effect on the final product qualities to give an optimised performance.

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