HeBoFill® BL-SP 095

HeBoFill® BL-SP 095 is a pure boron nitride powder characterized by a particularly high specific surface area and a partially turbostratic crystal structure. Crystallites in the sub-micron area form larger agglomerates of a median particle size in the region of 9 µm. As a result of the high specific surface area, it is possible to attain a good distribution in liquid systems. Boron nitride is electrically insulating and is temperature resistant to 900 °C in an oxidizing atmosphere, and in inert conditions up to 2000 °C. 

Typical applications of HeBoFill® BL-SP 095

  • additive for liquid release agents and foundry coatings
  • high-temperature additive for oils and greases

Advantages of HeBoFill® BL-SP 095

  • very high specific surface area
  • electrically insulating
  • high thermal conductivity
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