HeBoLub® O30

HeBoLub® O30 incorporates fine hexagonal Boron Nitride particles in a high-quality base oil to result in a unique lubricant additive: The Boron Nitride-Oil Dispersion reduces friction and wear of components, thus increasing the smooth operation and service life of engines, gearboxes as well as other plant and equipment. Higher service efficiencies are also achieved: HeBoLub® O30 smooths sliding surfaces, directly resulting in reductions in energy consumption.

Typical Applications for HeBoLub® O30  

  • Engines, gearboxes, pumps, compressors
  • Chain drives and conveyors
  • Metalworking processes such as forming, grinding, stamping, extrusion
  • Not suitable for: automatic transmissions and fluid couplings

Summary of the Advantages of HeBoLub® O30

  • Excellent lubricating and sliding action resulting from the finely dispersed Boron Nitride powder
  • Easily mixed with the vast majority of oils and oil-soluble lubricants
  • Excellent lubrication at low as well as high temperatures
  • Low creep and good surface wetting properties
  • High stability, no separation of the oil base over time
  • High contact pressure resistance

HeBoLub® is also available with a Boron Nitride content of 10%, in the form of HeBoLub® O10.

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