HeBoSint® Boron Nitride Sintered Components

The HeBoSint® trade name represents a range of precision-machinable sintered boron nitride technical ceramics, fine-tuned to precise individual specifications. Highly skilled and experienced Henze BNP staff are able to manufacture, using the latest state-of-the-art precision milling and turning centers, your components – exactly to your requirements.   Parts can, therefore, be produced in a seemingly endless variety of bespoke shapes and sizes, including plates, rods, spacers, cylinders, hollow parts, tubes, rollers, crucibles, nozzles, and stoppers – not to mention a multitude of bespoke customer specific geometries.

Careful selection of the manufacturing set-ups and processes employed ensures that the required physical properties of the finished components can be achieved. HeBoSint® products find application in some of the most extreme conditions and are chemically resistant to the vast majority of molten metals, glass, and salts, towards which they also exhibit high wetting resistance. Being a non-oxide ceramic, Henze BNP HeBoSint® offers significant important application-specific advantages over oxide ceramics in their fields of application.

 Typical Properties of HeBoSint® include

  • temperature resistant in the air to in excess of 900 °C, under vacuum or in inert conditions to around 2000 °C
  • low thermal expansion
  • high thermal conductivity
  • very high thermal shock resistance
  • excellent electrical insulation, also at high temperatures
  • good release properties
  • good chemical resistance to the vast majority of molten metals, glass, and salts
  • resists wetting by the vast majority of molten metals, glass, and salts
  • readily machinable into precision engineered components to give a wide range of component geometries
  • non-toxic
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