Products for molten metal level control

Precimeter Group

Precimeter is a premium supplier of molten metal control sensors. We specialize in solutions for molten metal level, transfer and flow control.

We provide solutions for all metals and alloys. Our customers include OEM metal casting machine manufactures, System Integrators and metal casting end users. Our R&D and Engineering team can also provide assistance with system design and commissioning work.

In the business for over 28 years

At Precimeter we are fully committed to our customers and their needs. For more than twenty-five years we have been active in the field of molten metal level control and foundry automation. Every member of the Precimeter team is constantly involved in a learning process. Our extensive industry knowledge lays the foundation for our continued work and product development. At Precimeter we remain fully committed to continuous development of our technology for better foundry processes and casting automation.

Many major aluminium processing plants around the world use Precimeter equipment to monitor and/or control the flow of molten metals. The companies that use our equipment are given a solid step forward towards success.