About us

Welcome to Nitrid

Nitrid Sp z o.o. for almost a decade, it has been helping to improve and modernize technological processes at its contractors. This is done by supporting these processes with the latest achievements of science, technology and knowledge in various fields, from chemical preparations to monitoring devices. The result of our activities is the gratitude of customers, because thanks to this they obtain more efficient production, better quality of final products with a simultaneous reduction in production costs and safer working conditions.

Achieving this goal would not be possible without the cooperation with our suppliers and business partners:

  • Henze BNP AG – Germany (Boron nitride)
  • Eredi Scabini Srl – Italy (Refractory Materials)
  • Precimeter Control AB – Sweden (Sensors for molten metal level control).
Thanks to close cooperation with our partners, we provide factual advice, technical support with service and fast delivery of goods.