Boron Nitride - components

HeBoSint® Pure Line

Pure with high thermal performance

The HeBoSint® PURE LINE consists of particularly pure materials with a boron nitride content of at least 98.5%. This way, the material-specific properties of boron nitride such as high-temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, excellent thermal shock resistance, and very good lubricating properties are fully utilised.

The HeBoSint® PURE LINE is also predestined for applications under inert gas at temperatures exceeding 2,000 °C. This special capability is used primarily in plasma systems, high-temperature furnaces as well as in many other applications worldwide.

HeBoSint® Classic Line

Reliable and versatile

The HeBoSint® CLASSIC LINE manages the balancing act between mechanical strengths, thermal capabilities, highest efficiency as well as cost effectiveness. The product line convinces with its performance features, e.g. an excellent separating property when compared with most metallic melts, optimal electrical insulating effect and convincing thermal shock resistance.

In addition, the HeBoSint® CLASSIC LINE stands for reliability in the production process and ensures the long-life cycle of components. Thanks to their versatility and special performance features, HeBoSint® CLASSIC LINE products are used in a wide variety of applications. Regardless of whether for casting nozzles for the metal industry, soldering pads, welding nozzles or insulation frames for PVD coating systems, or products for other industry sectors.

HeBoSint® Strong Line

For high mechanical loadings

HeBoSint® STRONG LINE stands for boron nitride composite materials with very good mechanical properties, excellent gas tightness and high wear resistance. The addition of zirconium oxide or aluminium nitride increases this product line's mechanical strength. The boron nitride share of the HeBoSint® STRONG LINE provides the boron nitride-specific product features, which include, for example, excellent separation properties or optimum electrical insulation.

With the HeBoSint® STRONG LINE, high-performance products with a strong character are available for all applications. This product line is predestined especially for system components that are exposed to high mechanical loads such as cover strips in PVD systems or components for the steel industry.