Boron Nitride - coatings

HeBoCoat® Power Line

Release & lubrication – the complete package

Every industry has different requirements and tasks. To satisfy these different requirements, a broad product portfolio such as the POWER LINE is required.

All POWER LINE products are focused on cutting and lubricating. Optimum layer formation, simple processing as well as its high substrate adhesion characterise this line. These products are used, for example, as release agents for sintering, welding and soldering processes, as lubricants in plastics and glass processing or as coatings for tools in foundries. The boron nitride protective coating significantly increases tools and systems' service life and improves process safety and productivity.

HeBoCoat® Expert Line

The specialist in action

When standard products reach their limits, special products - such as the EXPERT LINE - are called for.

This series was developed especially for challenging customised applications. HENZE BNP experts align additives, binder systems and special boron nitride powders to the specific requirement profile, resulting in customised products.

The EXPERT LINE products ensure high process reliability and efficiency in your application.

HeBoCoat® Spray Line

Simple & fast - highly effective for small surfaces

SPRAY LINE, our high-performance boron nitride products in spray form.

With this product line, HENZE BNP offers rapid process aids for small areas. Thanks to the simple handling and short drying times, the simplicity of using the spray can is convincing during the production process.

With their material properties, the boron nitride products of the SPRAY LINE are used, among others, in aluminium extrusion for the coating of pressing tools or in PVD systems for producing precisely accurate protective coatings.