Welding and Soldering

Clean welded seams and soldered joints can be consistently achieved using boron nitride coatings.

Weld spatter, which can easily find itself deposited on welding nozzles, workpieces, jigs fixtures and other equipment, can significantly impair the functionality of the affected components or impede the gas flow and wire feed rate in industrial processes. This frequently necessitates more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Similar issues arise with the various soldering processes in the form of undesirable solder deposits on fixtures and fittings.

HeBoCoat® sprays and suspensions as well as components machined from sintered HeBoSint®, all of which are based on boron nitride ceramics, can reliably form a release surface or protective coating to prevent the adhesion of weld spatter or solder. The excellent release action of boron nitride with respect to molten metals is used to considerable advantage here to ensure the quick and easy removal of solder and weld spatter. The working life of welding nozzles, burner components, weld pool retainers as well as other jigs and fixtures is significantly increased using HeBoCoat® thermally stable protective coatings.